A downloadable game for Windows

welcome to mno's multi-play minigame mega pack (Trial version)

inside you will find a lively and lovely assort ment of games available to play immediately waiting just a few key presses away! maybe even two keypresses?!

because this is the Trial version, you will be  able to play each game for up to  6 0  seconds but you are alloed to play it again if you want

this program software usees an enabled adaptive key press simulation technology which means you  can dispsense with the need for INSTRUCTION BOOKS or HEAVYWEIGHT MANUALS or other crud that other companies will print off and throw on your face rubbing the smelly ink everywhere. simply disgusting. so ujst boot it up and get playing and everything will work fine off the bat and onto the ballplate

Basket - throw the ball into the hoop but make sure you get a lot of Stars to impress the audience
Tic Tock Toe - A gentlemans game to prove that brains over brons is best
Raceway Freedom - free to drive, free to play, free to be born wild
Survival In Space - can you survive in space?
A Soccer' Players Thoughts - what does it mean to be a soccer player? find out and litens
Not Break Out Because Copyrtight - haha what's breakout never heard of it!
Bouncer Another Game That Isn't Copyrighted - haha what? pong? shut up this is bouncer
Waitin' Ahead Isn't all To Be Found In This Life - experience the life of a waiter
Shifty Blocks May Eat Your Socks, But But Lawyers Won't Knock - slide the blocks around. even rotate tehm

enjoy and have fun and if you don't have fun buy our software anywayszzzzzzz

as usual for my timing on jam submissions this game was first submitted unfinished, and so I have preserved the original version alongside the now-complete game. well, complete insofar as an intentionally broken game could be said to be complete! download "megapack" for the full experience, and "megapack (jam version)" if you want to have a less full experience for the sake of historical accuracy.

finally, this game is meant to be obtuse and frustrating, so please ensure your expectations are set to not being able to understand what is happening and having no control over it. that way you might have a good time?


megapack (jam version).zip 4 MB
megapack.zip 9 MB


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I love getting bonus point

Is it possible to get to the end of the waiter level? I want to know... aaaaaahhhh

re: bonus, I'm really glad I used so many voice samples in this game, it seems to be a hit!

and yes it is possible, I specifically playtested that level in isolation over and over until I was sure it could be done, just to make sure that anybody who got fixated on winning would be able to. however, testing the level in isolation is nothing like testing it in actual practice, where by the time you can try it, the game is such a chaotic mess that it becomes extremely impractical to even know where to begin. also the benefit of getting to the end of the level is about as rewarding as any of the other minigames so... don't sweat it!